Magnum Group

wholesale and retail of pharmaceuticals

Field of activities

Magnum group parent company Magnum AS has been operating since 1992.

Magnum Group is a leading pharmaceutical wholesaler and retailer in the Baltic States with a strong growth platform in Finland and Belarus. Companies partners and clients are other wholesale companies, manufacturers of medicinal products, hospitals, pharmacies and sellers of pharmaceutical goods in Estonia as well as abroad.

Magnum Veterinaria is a leading veterinary wholesaler in the Baltic States. Main fields are wholesale of veterinary medicinal products, feed additives, pet supplies and food.

Pharmacy chain Apotheka is covering major cities as well as other regional centres in Estonia and in Latvia. It has well-established infrastructure and logistic operations.

Allium UPI OÜ is engaged in wholesale of vitamins, dermocosmetics, food supplements, medical disposables, hospital accessories etc.

Pet City pet service centers cover food-accessories-grooming-hotel-training-insurance categories and through franchising also vet-drugstore-vet-clinic categories in Estonia and Lithuania.


Established in 1992

Employees 1000

Turnover 316 mln eur


100% UP Invest OÜ

Management Board



Magnum Medical OÜ (Estonia) – 100%
Magnum Medical SIA (Latvia) – 100%
Magnum Medical Finland OY (Finalnd) – 100%
Magnum Logistics OÜ (Estonia) – 100%
Magnum Veterinaaria AS (Estonia) – 100%
Magnum Veterinarija SIA (Latvia) – 100%
Terve Pere Apteek OÜ (Estonia) – 100%
SIA A Aptiekas (Latvia) – 100%
Pet City OÜ (Estonia) – 100%
Pet City UAB (Lithuania) – 100%
Allium UPI OÜ (Estonia) – 100%
Magnum Dental AS (Estonia) – 75%
Magnum Veterinarija UAB (Lithuania) – 30%