Skeleton Technologies Group


Field of activities

Skeleton Technologies OÜ is a manufacturer and developer of high energy and power density ultracapacitors.

Skeleton’s SkelCap ultracapacitors have over 4 times higher power density and 2 times higher energy density when compared to the second best in the market. Skeleton Technologies´performance advantage is based on patented SkeletonC™ carbite material, which is used in energy storage technology, adsorption materials, field emission displays etc.

Skeleton´s R&D centre is located in Tartu, pilot production is near Tallinn and sales office is based in Bautzen, Germany. New production unit is under construction.

Established in 2009

Employees 20


19% UP Invest OÜ

81% Other investors

Management Board


Skeleton Technologies OÜ 100% (Estonia)
Skeleton Technologies GmbH 100% (Germany)